Another SLR

Last modified on June 7th, 2006

I was just reading that Sony has finally come out with a digital SLR of their own. At first I kind of scoffed at it, thinking that nobody really uses Sony these days (seems like everywhere I go someone has a Canon or Nikon SLR). However, reading the specs, it seems pretty impressive. I like the idea of putting the image stabilization in the camera body instead of on the lens. Canon charges quite a bit for the IS versions of several of its lenses, so it’s nice to know that Sony is a little smarter in this area. I’m not sure what the price point is for this new SLR, but it might be fun to check one out sometime.

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  1. mel says:

    The problem is that they screw us with the lenses. I thought about switching over to Nikon but now I have a Canon lens. And whichever is more popular is easier to buy/sell 🙁 I’ve seen a lot of people also like the Minoltas

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