Entry #5 – Kitsilano Photo

Last modified on July 25th, 2009

One of the hobbies I have that brings me a lot of enjoyment is photography. It’s something I’ve slowly honed and improved over the years to the point where I’m fairly comfortable with my camera, and with taking photos in most situations. Given how much enjoyment it’s been to me, I thought I would periodically do the odd photo-entry for blogathon and talk a bit about the photos I share.


This shot of Kitsilano beach is one of the shots I’m most known for. It’s currently used on the Kitsilano.ca website, and also in a few brochures. I was actually just randomly driving back from UBC one night, heading towards my place in downtown Vancouver, when I scanned out over the distance and saw the beginnings of a great shot. So I parked my car, ran down to the beach, and snapped this shot. I actually didn’t have a tripod with me, so I ended up balancing my camera on a little rock ledge. This is actually a high dynamic range shot (HDR), where I combined several exposures to try and balance out the lights and the darks in the scene.

The end result is rather pretty, if I do so say myself, and has been one of my favourite shots. This photo has been for sale on my site for quite a while, and for the purposes of Blogathon, I’ll donate 100% of the proceeds of any purchases made for the next few days to the BC Children’s Hospital. So if you’d like to grab a copy and also help the BC Children’s Hospital, feel free to pick one up.

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