Patio Panorama

Last modified on April 14th, 2007

So as the sun went down over downtown this evening, I thought it might be a neat idea to try and make a HDR panorama. I’ve done this a few times using my PC, but never using my new Macbook Pro. I took a series of 20 shots and merged them together using the Mac panorama software DoubleTake. Afterwards, I created the final HDR using Photomatix.

Here’s the end result.

The HDR process went smoothly, but DoubleTake did a rather poor job of aligning the images. Part of the reason may have been that it thought the focal length of my lens was 26mm, even though it actually was a 17mm lens. However, you can clearly seen misalignment at various places within the image.

The best panorama software I’ve ever used is still the Autostitch program developed at UBC. Unfortunately, they only have a PC version, so I’m stuck for a while I guess.

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  1. Being Fins I bet these guys have heard of Floorball or Innebandy – If you want to do something energetic bring them down to the Roundhouse on a Monday Night for our drop-in nights – more info at – the sport is big in Scandinavia and canucks are taking it up very quickly!

    I’ve commented on flickr about your photos before – but want to say again – those panorama’s are fantastic!

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