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Last modified on January 16th, 2008

I set up a small photography website over at a while ago. I think I’m going to over haul it this weekend and make it a bit better. I also want to get a domain name for it and make it a proper stand-alone site. If anyone has any ideas for a cool name for a photography site, fire me off an email. I’ve been trying to come up with west-coast oriented names, but so far no go.

I’ll give a free 8×12 print and a blog entry on the new site for the person that picks the winner!


7 responses to “Photography Website”

  1. Dan says:

    “Photo Storey” (ie. …As inherently lame as a play on your name is, your photos do tell stories… and it would compliment well.

    I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. I hope you’ll put the majority of your HDR work on it!

  2. Kasia says:

    I thought ‘Duane Clicks’ sounded fun until I typed it into my browser to see if it existed and realized it looks like duanedicks. Scratch that.

  3. Amber says:

    Ummm…..West Coast Storey, you know like West side story….I dunno.

  4. Keira-Anne says:

    Here are some fantastic ideas. You’d be an absolute fool to not choose at least one of them. (It kinda clicks off the tongue hey? I just thought of that one…)


  5. Charmaine says:

    Obscura Storey

    (camera obscura sounds so nice… the opposite of a cacophony)

    “” is pretty awesome tho.

  6. Jenn H says:

    Hmm, how about Storeyswesternstories? Too long? Toughie!

  7. Gregg says:

    How about

    If that’s too long, you could just shorten it to

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