There's Got To Be Something Better Than iPhoto

Last modified on November 9th, 2007

So, I know there are a bunch of programs available on the Mac for doing photo work and what not, but I’d like to ask everyone what they use on a daily basis. I have for the most part made due with iPhoto, but the organization capabilities of it suck, and I end up with directories full of photos without any real means to identify them. Unfortunately, I also need something with a relatively quick workflow (photoshop is too slow to use for me except in extreme cases).

Any recommendations?

5 responses to “There's Got To Be Something Better Than iPhoto”

  1. kristel. says:

    adobe lightroom will change your life. i use it the most of the time, and then cs3 when absolutely necessary. seriously, lightroom is the best for easy workflow.

  2. Dude, seriously? Aperture and Lightroom. Both pro-level photo-cataloguing apps. Lightroom seems to have the market advantage right now, but Aperture (by Apple) also has its advocates.

    Both have been extensively reviewed online by numerous serious photographers.

  3. kristel. says:

    oh, and another cool thing about lightroom… they give you the mac and pc version, so i have it on my imac at home, as well as my laptop.

  4. kk+ says:

    ++ guys. i just switched from iPhoto to lightroom and it makes a big difference. i recommend it. 🙂

  5. Skick says:

    Do you have iLife 08? In the pre 08 iPhoto I really like using Smart Albums but in iPhoto with iLife 08 using Events is great.

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