Vancouver Fashion Week, April 2008

Last modified on April 16th, 2008

Tomorrow marks the first event for the Vancouver Fashion Week, 2008 Spring Edition. I had a media pass last year and spent a few evenings taking photos. If I remember correctly, the only downside to the event (in my opinion) was that I thought most of the models lacked enthusiasm. I also remember wishing I had brought a flash to the opening event, so if anyone is going, I’d recommend bringing one.

While I love photography, it’s fairly dull sitting at the end of a runway for an hour taking the same shot over and over again, and I really appreciated the models that mixed it up a bit or added their own personal flare to the event.

Vancouver Fashion Week

Tomorrow is basically the opening Gala at the Opus Hotel, followed by an event at Bar None. Once again I have a media pass, so I’ll have full access to the events. Unfortunately, because I’m still fighting bronchitis, I will probably miss tomorrow’s event. If I’m feeling up to it on Thursday night, I’ll probably catch a session and swing by the after party to see what it’s like this year. Or I might just come home and watch a movie.

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