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Last modified on February 8th, 2010

As most people know, I spent a lot of my time in Vancouver taking photos of the city. I was one of the first people in the city to dabble with high dynamic range imagery, and because I carried my wideangle lens around with me quite often, ended up with quite a few HDR images of Vancouver.

While down in the Dominican, I was talking to Dale about possibly putting together a little package for media organizations during the Olympics. While in the process of putting that together over the last few weeks, I figured I might as well put everything online as well. To that end, I registered the domain the other day, and was up until about 5am on Saturday putting it together. Most of my Vancouver shots are now up for sale, primarily as stock photography, but also a few that are available in prints. As is always the case, many of the same shots are available as creative commons licensed photos over on my Flickr stream. But for individuals and corporations looking for commercial use of the photos, they can be purchased from VancouverStockPhotos.

It’s just a little fun pet project, which will hopefully generate a bit of money that I can use to directly finance photography in the future. As is, I haven’t spent any money on new gear in the last few years, primarily because I haven’t been able to justify the expense anymore. So hopefully as I build this out it’ll help with that front.

3 responses to “Vancouver Stock Photos”

  1. Tyler says:

    Awesome idea Duane!

    Hope it helps ya bring in some extra cash so you can get some new gear etc. Would love to be able to sell photos too. I guess I should stop saying that.. and just go out and try it like you have!

  2. Chris says:

    Not that I have any idea as to what stock photo’s go for, but how did you determine the pricing?

  3. stephen says:

    Great to see the stock photo idea get off the ground, plus awesome timing!!

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