Victoria Bound

Last modified on August 2nd, 2008

I went for a walk this afternoon down to the mall to buy a few new shirts. When I got there, I fielded a SMS message from John Biehler saying he was heading to the Apple store and asked if I wanted to meet up. I met him and Peter there, after which time we all headed down to the new Crumpler store on the edge of Gastown.

I’ve always wanted a Crumpler bag, but they were hard to come by in Vancouver. So today I picked up a new camera bag with the intention of taking it to Victoria tomorrow. Here’s what it looks like:

Crumpler Bag

I opted for the smaller of the two bags they had, and I’m already regretting it. The girl said I could bring it back and get the big one if I wanted, so I might end up doing that. I’ve stuffed it as full as I can get it, and still I have extra camera pieces left over. It’s good enough for this weekend, but I really need to rethink my whole strategy. The benefit of my new bag is that I can swing it over my shoulder, allowing me to switch lenses fairly easily. With my old backpack bag, I basically had to set it on the ground, unzip it, and then fumble around. So in theory this is the better setup.

The Crumpler bag was $110, which isn’t cheap. But hopefully it’ll get the job done.

I’m heading over to the Island tomorrow with Arieanna and Ianiv for the big BC 150 festivities. Thanks to Arieanna, I have a full access photo pass, which will give me photo-pit and backstage access to all the musicians this weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing Feist in concert, taking a pile of photographs, and enjoying a few days of festivities out in the sun. Since the ferries are undoubtedly going to be packed tomorrow, I convinced Arieanna to take the helicopter to Vancouver Island with me.

Vancouver Helijet

I’ve never been on a Helicopter, and I’m really looking forward to it. It leaves from the Harbour downtown, and ends up really close to Inner Harbour in Victoria. For $89, it’s really not a bad deal this weekend, especially considering it will shave off around 3 hours of traveling.

I’m just finishing doing laundry and charging my equipment, then it’s off to bed and then onwards to Victoria. Make sure you check my blog and my Flickr during the weekend, as I’m going to be posting a pile of concert photos and hopefully a few videos.

11 responses to “Victoria Bound”

  1. Ianiv says:

    Yeah, yeah, keep rubbing in the helicopter trip. Ferries have hamburgers, and bacon.

  2. That looks soo cool. Have a great time.

  3. Raul says:

    Safe travels and hope you, Ianiv and Arieanna enjoy the weekend. Happy BC Day!

  4. Sebrina says:

    Helicopter? Ooooo very cool. That sounds exciting.

    Have a good trip!

  5. duane storey says:

    in the helicopter right now. Who hoo!

  6. Eva says:

    I <3 Crumpler. 🙂 I hope the bag works out! You can order directly from the Canadian Crumpler site as well. You’d save on the PST, too. 😉

    Hope you have a great trip!

  7. Dan says:

    Holy Crap. You can take a helicopter to the island instead of a ferry?? If this runs all the time, then that is definitely on my itinerary next time I’m in Vancouver 😀

  8. John says:

    @Dan you can also take a float plane (cheaper) to the Island…which is arguably more fun since you take off from downtown Vancouver and land in the inner harbour of Victoria right on the water.

  9. Dan says:

    John: Could I take one down and take the other one back? Both sound like they’d be a lot of fun to try 🙂

  10. John says:

    Dan: Yup…I even suggested that to Duane since he hasn’t tried either before

  11. Helicopters are awesome – I’d pick a ride in a helicopter over a plane any day. I agree with John though – float plane is also a nice way to go. I’ve never landed in a helicopter, but I’d like to try that sometime…

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