Business Coaching – $600

As an engineer with nearly 20 years of experience, one of my best attributes is my ability to solve difficult problems.

Duane is one of those unique engineers who sees the big picture. He has the capacity to solve very complex abstract problems quickly and aggressively. – Sean O’Neil, director of engineering.

With my vast business experience, including my successful exit and sale of my last company, I’m ideally suited to evaluating other businesses to make sure they are on a path that leads to success.

With this package, you’ll get:

  • Initial 1-hour consultation call where we’ll talk about your business and all the areas where you feel you are struggling. We’ll talk about the logistics of your business, and also about your goals for it (the ones you want and the ones that are realistic).
  • A 1 hour offline evaluation of your online presence by me, including your website. Issues that need to be addressed will be given to you with the expectation they will be addressed before the next call.
  • A 1 hour phone call to plot a way forward for your business that includes clearly defined business and often personal goals. After this call you will go away and implement the approved ideas and suggestions we’ve discussed.
  • A 1 hour follow up call in the future to assess progress, to evaluate the results of our efforts, and to identify future areas that may need more work.

When this process is over, you’ll be feeling a lot more confident about the direction your business is headed and ideally much closer to realizing some of your long-term goals.