Entry #49 – The End

Well, thus ends Blogathon 2009 – it was quite the adventure, one that I’m glad I was a part of again. The official Blogathon website shows approximately $40,000 raised for the various charities this weekend, which is totally awesome. Of that amount, approximately $1,250 was raised by the content on this blog, and by the people who supported my efforts and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. So once again, you guys all have my sincerest thanks. But while the donations and money are obviously appreciated, this event is about more than money. It’s about a group of people banding together to make a difference. And for that, every blog or person that was a part of blogathon helped make a […]

Entry #48 – T-Minus One

This is my second last entry, which means Blogathon is almost over. This was was definitely a lot harder for me than the one last year, mainly because I started the event already in a pretty exhausted state. But no matter – the end is near. I’m sitting on the couch here at Workspace, watching the start of another sunrise. By the time this day is over for me, I will have seen two sunrises, a gorgeous sunset, and even a lightning storm. Not a bad day at the office if I do say so myself. With everyone’s help, we raised approximately $1250 for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, and for that everyone has my admiration and my thanks. I […]

Entry #47 – Chilliwack

The following is a guest post by Tia Everitt from Chilliwack — thanks for the contribution Chilliwack. It was the one place my husband and I swore up and down that we would NEVER, EVER live. It was a place we raced through on the highway, en route to the Okanagan, or to get back to Vancouver. We plugged our noses as we gagged on the cloying, ever-present stench of cow manure. We snickered at the tacky billboards all the way in and out of the Fraser Valley. We made jokes about inbreeding. We chuckled at the omnipresent “Corn Barns” that dotted the landscape in the summer. From time to time we stopped to get cheap gas or make a […]

Entry #46 – Love

Entry #45 – A Long Time Ago

Entry #44 – Dave O.

Here’s a shot of Dave from tonight:

Entry #43 – Hummingbird604

Here’s a shot of Raul near the end of Blogathon 2009:

Entry #42 – A Few More Shots

Of Mojave Band:

Entry #41 – Raw Carnage

Welcome to my world:

Entry #40 – Almost There

I actually remember last year about this time, when I hit the 40 mark. It’s a good feeling, mainly because everyone can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But we still have a bit more time here, so I’ll keep pumping out blog entries! Donations are still open, so if you’re still up and feel like contributing to the BC Children’s Hospital, then please do so — your donation will be appreciated, and will go directly to helping out the children there. There was a pretty wild sunset in Vancouver tonight, and I managed to grab a photo of it. So I’ll end this blog entry with a photo of the sun setting over Vancouver harbor tonight: