A Little Stock Goes A Long Way

I’ve been reading a lot of food/cooking related books lately. No real reason, just haven’t had too much else around to read. I actually stumbled across an 1,100 page culinary manual on the internet a while ago, and have slowly been absorbing it. In addition, I’ve been passively thumbing through various cookbooks I have around the house looking for dishes to try making over the next few months. Last night I made myself a little roasted chicken for thanksgiving and watched a few movies by the fire. After the chicken was done, I decided to make my first chicken stock, thinking I would start making a few more soups over the course of the winter. I made about 8 cups […]

Cover of 24 Paper

Apparently there’s a photo of me in the 24 paper today drinking beer and eating peanuts at the Canuck’s game the other day. Photo by Rebecca Bollwitt.

Heroes, 24, Lost

Now that I have cable again, I’ve been watching a bit more TV. Except for last night’s Heroes and 24, I’ve been keeping up with all three shows. Of them all, Lost is the only one that’s really keeping me interested. I think the whole concept of 24 has just gone on too long now. I thought season two was pretty awesome, mainly because it focused on character development. Now it’s more of an action flick. They had a good opportunity with that cute FBI agent, but they really haven’t used her to her full potential yet. I’m not sure why, but I find Heroes pretty boring these days. I guess because everyone and their dog has some super power […]

Brief Mention In Today's Paper

I was briefly mentioned in Buzz Bishop’s technology section today in the 24 newspaper. You can check it out here.

Apparently there is a word or two from me in today’s 24 daily paper. If you happen to stumble upon any, please send me a link.

Bring It On Jack Bauer, Bring It On

Yes people, today is a great day in TV land. Jack Bauer, aka Kiefer Sutherland, was released from jail after serving 48 days for drunken driving. Now I gotta say — getting in a car while loaded is a dumb thing to do. I can openly admit I did it as a young adult once and a while, something as a grown adult I now look back on and realize how dumb it was. The trick is of course to plan ahead, otherwise you’ll find yourself stuck in the boonies with no way home. Now, I just refuse to get into situations like that, or at least have the means to pay for a long cab ride if I have […]