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Acoustic Amplifiers


I need an acoustic amp for my Takamine electric acoustic guitar. I really have no idea what the brand names are, or what a good amp to get is. I don’t need much for it. I would probably prefer it had a clean channel too so I could pump a mic into it. Any recommendations?

Loving Music


So it’s weird. When I was about 19 years old, I picked up my first guitar, which at the time was a Fender Strat electric. Surprisingly, I didn’t really know how to play, but it was something I was always interested in doing so my mom surprised me and picked me up a guitar. I spent the next few years pissing my roommates off by walking around my dorm room playing Green Day and whatever else was popular at the time. When I hit the age of about 25, I sort of just gave music up completely, probably because I didn’t really have much time and I wasn’t really making much progress. About two weeks ago, I picked up a guitar for the first time in years, and it actually felt really good to play again. I’ve spent most evenings since then playing as much guitar as I can (my […]