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Save Money By Traveling The World: Update 1


I’m one month into what could very well be a one year travel adventure, potentially longer, depending on how things go (don’t worry mom, I’ll come home for a visit). My plan has always been to give monthly updates on costs to help those people budgeting for trips such as these. I’ve been told that one of the greatest myths about world travel is the belief that it’s only within reach of those who are very rich. My goal over the next year is to help dispel some of those myths. While I’m not expecting to always save a pile of money while traveling (although I expect in some destinations I probably will), I am interested to see just how different a full year of exotic travel is in terms of costs from my lifestyle back in North America. In terms of flights, I’ve decided to only include the one-way […]

Welcome To The Migratory Nerd


I decided about six weeks ago that I wanted to have a completely different online presence for my travel adventures. While my personal site has served me well by allowing me to write about personal subjects and technology over the last few years, it’s become somewhat disjointed. So, with conscious effort I have finally managed to put something together with a specific focus: travel. Unlike most versions of my website, which normally take all of about two or three days for me to get online, I’ve slowly been tinkering with this one for the past few weeks. I haven’t had a lot of time, so mostly it’s been 20 minutes here and there before bed, but I think this site is far enough along to finally pull the curtain back. As most people know, I’m about to leave on a big adventure. I’ve spent the last two years living back […]

Heading to Argentina


Well, according to my little Excel spreadsheet, my trip begins in 96 days now. Depending on whether or not you’re a glass is half full or half empty kind of person, that will seem like a lot of time or not very much. It doesn’t seem like very much time to me, considering how much I need to still do before taking off. First, I gave notice on my apartment the other day. My landlord confirmed it today, which basically means the clock is ticking on this place. I’ve been waiting for October to officially arrive before starting the mad craigslist dash to sell pretty much everything that isn’t bolted down, so I have a few more days. Other than a few items, I’m hoping to hock the majority of what I own. Depending on where I end up later next year, I figure I can simply buy whatever I […]

The Deep Breath Before The Plunge


This is the second post in an ongoing business series I’m going to be writing. You can view them all by visiting here. So there you are, on the brink of making a big life-changing decision, and you’re trying to get the nerve to finally do it. You have this great business idea, are tired of your current 9-5 job, and are ready to take the plunge off the cliff, hopefully landing somewhere far better below. This is probably the hardest stage of a new business, in my opinion – getting up the nerve to quit your day job. You’re forcibly taking action that is going to upset your life and move you pretty much as far away from your comfort zone as possible. In my case, it took me nearly a year to get my life in order such that I could minimize the risk of a new endeavor. […]