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Airplane Time Lapse


My friend Jason sent me a link to this video this morning, and I thought it was pretty cool. I contacted the guy who made it, and he gave me permission to show it here. It’s a time lapse out a window during an airplane trip. Video by James Leng, All Rights Reserved.

Video Of The Airplane In The Hudson


CNN posted some videos from the Airbus plane that ditched into the Hudson the other day. Ditching is actually a fairly common practice for military aircraft, obviously less common for passenger aircraft. To pull of a successful ditch, you basically have to have a perfect landing such that the wings don’t dip and hit the water. Thankfully the pilot pulled it off, and every single person survived this incident (which is rare for a commercial passenger jet). Embedded video from CNN Video Kind of strange though that this current incident was caught by so many independent cameras, and yet the airplane that hit the Pentagon on September 11th generated basically no footage, except of course the blocky, blurry footage released by the Pentagon.

Heading Out


Well, I’m sort of packed. Given that I no longer have a dryer at home, I was forced to dry most of my clothes out on the patio over night. Good news is that most of my clothes are completely dry. Bad news is some of them aren’t dry yet. It’s a nice sunny day in the Bay Area today, so I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt. In fact, today seems like a pretty warm day in Vancouver as well, so for all of you people hanging out at home, enjoy. I’m heading down to the airport right now. **Update – First, big thanks to Dan for helping me get through the custom’s line in short order. That easily saved me a half-hour of waiting, so much appreciated Dan. I’m sitting in the US departures area, eating what is probably the world’s worst egg mcmuffin. I almost fainted when I […]