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Entry #47: The End Is Near


This is it folks — only two more entries to go after this one. I have, for the most part, been awake since yesterday at 9am. I hit a pretty rough patch this afternoon, but thankfully managed to get through it. It’s been a really great experience, and it’s been a privilege helping bring some awareness to the issues the homeless face in Vancouver. Without a doubt, I’m pretty beat. My supper tonight consisted of peanuts purchased from the little store downstairs. Rebecca and John ordered Greek, but I’ve had so much caffeine that the thought of food basically repulses me at this point. I just poured myself a nice rum and diet coke, a reward for nearly 40 hours of staying awake and blogging. Only two more entries, and Blogathon 2008 will be over, at least for me. Thanks again to everyone who supported our cause, and spent time […]