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Happy Anniversary


Today is my sister and brother-in-law’s 15th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe really, since I vividly remember being at their wedding years ago and doing the chicken dance over and over. It was a nice little wedding, right up at Cultus Lake, in a tiny little community hall that held around 80 people. In true Ukrainian fashion, the bar was completely open (a definite requirement for when I get married — I’m willing to compromise on everything else, but the bar has to be open). The wedding photos were across the road and on the edge of the lake. So this afternoon I’m going to be heading up with my camera, and taking a few new shots of them in the same spot, 15 years later. In addition, there will be a few shots with my niece and nephew, two happy additions to the family over the years.

Happy Birthday Amanda


Today is my sister’s 34th birthday. It seems like only yesterday we were tromping out in the backyard together in Chilliwack. As most people know, my family is very important to me, and I am very protective of them. My life growing up in Chilliwack wasn’t all roses, and most of us had to pull together to get to where we all are today. My university education was basically funded by various members of my family and loans from the government. My sister worked extra hard and offered to pay my phone bill every month, while my mom gave me spending money. My dad and stepmom came in and saved the day a few times when I was nearly broke and destitute. It was obviously a burden on everyone, but I’m very thankful they all pitched together to help me out. I would do pretty much anything in return to […]

Heading South


Being that this weekend is the May long weekend, and unofficially (at least in British Columbia circles) the start of summer, I thought I might get in the car and take a little road trip. My sister and the kids are camping near Deception Pass in Washington, State, and I’m seriously considering hopping in the car later tonight and making the trek down to hang out with them. It’s supposed to be 30C, which is rather nice weather to be sitting outside. I have to see what the state of my camping gear is in the back of my car, but assuming it’s all there are prepped to go, I might head out around 8pm and see if I can get across the border.