Weekend Recap

Tonight I met up with the gang to celebrate Amy’s birthday down at Wing’s on Granville Street. We had a few pitchers of beer and demolished somewhere on the order of 16 pounds of wings as a group (I’m now officially “winged out”, so I probably won’t go back there for a while). It was tons of fun, even though I ate that one hot wing that melted my mouth. Afterwards we ended up down at the Bowling Alley on Granville and played a few games. My head was still a tad sore from the night before (the danger of drinking for free at a bar), so my game was a bit off. I took a pile of photos the […]

Well, it’s almost the weekend again. I awoke this morning to some major construction going on in one of the units around me, and I sure hope it’s done before Saturday morning rolls around. Last night I hit Wings on Granville with Rebecca, Keira and John. For those of you who haven’t been, it’s a quaint little spot next to the Howard Johnson hotel on Granville Street that has cheap wings from 2-6pm daily. Rebecca and Keira, photo by Keira The girls basically did two pitchers of beer by themselves, so I imagine they were feeling pretty tipsy by the time they left. This weekend is already shaping up to be fairly busy. Tomorrow night is the third Launch Party […]