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Photos From My Argentina Home


Here are a few photos from the little apartment I’m renting in Palermo Soho. It’s located near the corners of Paraguay and Gurruchaga if anyone is interested. There are a few more on Flickr. In terms of location, the apartment is about a 5 block walk to the area of Palermo Soho with all the fancier restaurants and pubs (although, there are lots of little ones all over the place). About three or four blocks north of here is one of the main subway lines in the city, which will be nice (as soon as I start to use it). […]

The Cleaning Process


My landlord just stopped by for a visit. He had emailed me while I was down in Mexico and asked if he could bring some people by today, so I said sure. This morning I did a quick clean to make sure the place was presentable, and then set off to a coffee shop to do some work. Obviously the place wasn’t spotless, since I have a bunch of half packed boxes around and have been in the process of packing for the last few weeks. But most of the bedrooms are empty and the living room basically has a […]

Apartment Booked!


This morning I put a deposit down on a nice apartment right in the heart of the trendy area in Buenos Aires, Palermo Soho. Soho, of course, is a reference to a hip, upbeat area in New York City. Given that I’m only staying for three months, I thought I would spend my time in the cool part of the city. Palmero Soho is extremely green, with lots of parks and trees. In addition, it’s also full of great restaurants, pubs, patios, and shopping. In Buenos Aires it’s next to impossible to get a super cheap apartment unless you have […]

Decisions About My Place…


In about ten days, I’ll be giving my notice on my apartment out here in Chilliwack. Without a doubt, it’s probably the the nicest place I’ve ever lived in. High ceilings. Crown mouldings. Gas fireplace. Air conditioning. Patio. Hardwood floors. Definitely pretty posh, despite being in the middle of farmland here. I’ve been asked a few times if it’s hard to give this apartment up. Truthfully, not really. Having gone to university for eight years and stayed in university dorms for five of them, you get pretty used to living light and moving in and out of random places. In […]

116 Days


I was thinking a few things through yesterday, and came up with a slightly different plan. My last plan was to give my apartment up at the end of December, and then take off in the first few days of January. I’m happy with the January departure date, but not so happy that Christmas would probably involve lots of box packing and moving. So I came up with a plan B. I think I’m going to give my apartment up for the end of November, and be totally homeless at that point. I already asked my dad if it’s ok […]

A Few Shots From The New Place


The landlord let me have the key to my new apartment for a few hours this morning. Traveling from Chilliwack to Sardis was a bit tense as there’s so much snow. But once we got there, I had a little bit of time to inspect my new place. Here are a few shots. First, a shot of my office (on the left), and the living room (right), completed with gas fireplace and 12 foot ceilings. A shot of the living room from the dining room. A shot of my step-mom in the kitchen: A shot of the ensuite bathroom and […]

Housekeeping in Vancouver


A few people convinced me to finally ante up and get a house keeper, since a) my place is usually messy and b) I don’t really have much time to spend cleaning. She’s in the bathroom right now, and she stepped out for a brief second to say: “wow, you’re pretty messy eh?” with a cute smile. I think I can get used to having cute girls come to my place every few weeks and clean. Thankfully my place is going to be (and stay) spotless after all this. One girl came on Friday to clean the living room and […]