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Broken Laptop


I pulled my laptop out of my case tonight and fired it up. I was immediately greeted with this: $1000 worth of fail As you can see, my LCD has a wicked crack in it. I did a quick scan in the forums, and replacing an LCD via the Apple store runs about $1000, which is rather insane. Thankfully I found a few companies on eBay that are selling the raw LCD screens for around $200, so I put in an order for a replacement. Hopefully I’ll be able to install it myself when it comes in the mail. So as of right now, I’m without a laptop. Thankfully I have an iMac at home as well, so I’m not really in any trouble. But I do use my laptop quite a bit, so would like to get it up and running as soon as possible.

Apple Vancouver Store Opening On May 24


Well, by now everyone and their dog has blogged this, but I’ll jump on the band wagon as well. Rebecca just pinged me on iChat and told me about the opening of the new Apple store this Saturday. To be honest, it comes as a fairly big surprise given the state they were in last month (based on rumours). Obviously I think it’s a pretty cool thing that they are opening this weekend. Considering that many of the rumour sites are alluding to big announcements from Apple on June 9th at the developer conference, I can’t help but think the construction of the Vancouver store was accelerated for some of those reasons. In particular, I expect we will see the new 3G iPhone at the Vancouver store sometime in June, and I suspect something along those lines will be announced at the developer conference.