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Recent Vancouver Sun Article About Wireless Roaming


I’m sure most of us have some story about a friend of ours who got dinged several hundred dollars or more in roaming charges while out of the country. My friend Chris has a $6,000 bill in Australia, something that unfortunately still happens quite often due to amazingly high roaming rates in some countries. I’ve been fortunate in that I haven’t been exposed to any high fees, and have in fact often spent less in other countries than back in Canada. I spent some time speaking to Gillian Shaw on the phone yesterday regarding some of my experiences with my […]

Vancouver Article – Need Some Help


I’ve been asked to write an article for a European magazine about Vancouver. I’m keeping my particular angle under wraps until everything is completely done, but I’d like to solicit some help from my readers. In fact, I’m hoping I can use a few of these quotations in the article, along with possibly a photo or two of some of the people who quoted them. So, in one or two sentences, please feel free to answer any of the following: What do you like the most about Vancouver? What is your least favourite thing about this city? What is your […]