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Pull Out The Pin, The Bubble’s About To Pop


Despite having a relatively positive outlook about the economy previously, the Fed today just downgraded all its forecasts and even mentioned the taboo “D” word, deflation. I thought it would be fun to post a few of the more educated comments from CNN here. Keynesian versus Austrian economic theory. Keynes 0, Austrians 1. Now pull up a lawn chair, pop a cold one, and kick back to the soothing hissing sound of every asset class deflating… ~ Jim Koutras I got my beer chilling in the fridge. You do realize that the only reason we’re in this mess is because the Fed flooded the economy with ever cheaper cash that encouraged mal investment? Why put money in a safe savings account @ .75% when you can make 20% plus in a mortgage backed security? It’s the keynesian way, keep the bubbble inflated until its bursts and then inflate another ~ […]