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The iPhone Shit Storm


Tonight I was pointed at a link, courtesy of John, that basically detailed a rumour that Apple is diverting iPhone shipments away from Canada next week. The reason for this, according to the rumour, is that Apple is not pleased with the grassroots backlash that Roger’s and the iPhone have received in Canada. The thing is, it really doesn’t matter if the rumour is true (and in my mind, I doubt it is — it’s more likely in my mind that they have general manufacturing problems and can’t meet the demand) – either way, it’s a huge PR nightmare for Rogers. There was one site earlier that posted the rumor, and already I’ve found four or five that are regurgitating it, and adding their own spin on it. By tomorrow, that rumour will basically be fact, and will have propagated to Digg and all the other big tech sites. As […]