Another Day Chugs By

When I got off the plane last night in Bellingham, I was immediately greeted with a big burst of autumn air. Apparently we’re just a few hours away, but last night you could smell it, the faint scent of another season gone by. Without a doubt, I’m looking forward to it, more so because my plate, which has been overflowing for the last little while, is almost clear. Unlike last summer, where I took a few weeks off, I didn’t really have much time off this summer, other than a day or two on either side of a weekend. The good news is that this fall will probably be intentionally light in terms of projects, so I’m looking forward to […]

So Ends Yet Another Week

Yesterday I went down to Friday Harbor and hung out with my friend Lynn. I hadn’t been to Friday Harbor since I was about 17 or so, so it was definitely cool to go back. There wasn’t as much there to do as I thought there would be, but Lynn and I managed to find a few watering holes to hang out in and observe the locals for a while. “Chap-man” pretty much took the weirdo cake, but there were lots of runners up. It was great catching up with Lynn again too, since we hadn’t had a chance to hang out for over two years now. In addition, the weather was nearly perfect, and reminded me of a nice […]

How The Seasons Change

This is it folks, summer. Like most summers, I do my best to relax a bit and venture into the outdoors as much as I can. Most summers I’m not entirely successful, but last year I actually managed to go camping three or four times, which was enough to satisfy my cravings for the season. Camping is actually one of the few things I really enjoy in life: just tossing my tent into the back of my car and driving off into the distance. Maybe it’s that feeling I get when I’m half-cut and I stare up at the stars for a while, or the enjoyment I get watching the lights from the campfire dance around the trees all night. […]

A Nice Autumn Day In Vancouver

Normally I don’t take breaks at work, at least not many long ones. In fact, I usually buy a small lunch and eat it at my desk, using that brief time to catch up on blogs are read the current news. But yesterday, I suddenly got the urge to go outside and shoot some photos in the afternoon, so that’s what I did. I didn’t have my SLR, so I just shot with my point and shoot, which is always rather depressing. No matter – here are a couple shots of a surprisingly sunny Vancouver. And one this morning taken from my patio. PS – For all of you who are expecting free prints, they’ve been in the living room […]