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Ode To The Chivito


Last night I casually asked on Twitter if people reading this website would like me to blog more about food. Surprisingly the response I receive was the most vocal and energetic of all the things I’ve asked or done so far, so apparently my followers like to eat. So, going forward I’m going to try and write about all the unique foods or food related experiences I have while on my trip. A few weeks ago I had mentioned to my spanish teacher that I was heading to Uruguay. Upon hearing that, she immediately asked me if I was going to be eating a Chivito. I had no idea what it was at the time, but she went on explaining that it was a really tasty sandwich consisting of beef, mayonnaise and other tasty fixings. It’s actually the official food of Uruguay, so they take the Chivito pretty seriously there. […]

The Quest To Eat Healthy


One of the major initiatives I’ve taken upon myself since moving back home is to actually eat at home for all of my meals. The last time I think I consistently ate three meals a day that I actually made for myself was probably back in high school. Since moving out here, I’m happy to say that I’ve been fairly successful eating at home. It does take a lot of effort though, and I find I have to hit a grocery store every second day or so just to top up produce and what-not. The nice thing about being out here though is that it’s easy to bounce between various specialty stores in the same trip. In Vancouver, most of my grocery shopping was done at the Urban Fare in Vancouver. Out in Chilliwack, I’m bouncing between three places routinely: a little gourmet meat shop near my house, Price Smart, […]

O'Hai Bacon


I’m hopeless, really I am. I do stupid things all the time, most of which I end up thinking are pretty funny. A few years ago I went to work with my shirt on backwards and inside-out. Since I like laughing at myself, I never take these things too seriously. This morning, after taking a shower, I went into my room and sorted some clothes looking for something to wear. Underneath a couple clothes in the corner there was a plastic bag. And in that plastic bag was…. everyone’s favorite packaged pig, Mr. Bacon. Yes, I’m so not shitting you, there was bacon.. in my room. I actually remember buying that bacon a week or so ago, but it went missing and I figured they just didn’t bag it at Urban Fare (which happens about 50% of the time for me). The reality is that it somehow ended up in […]