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Duane's Quad Core Server 1, Media Temple 0


So I’m not one to gloat, especially considering I recommended Media Temple to a few friends. But Media Temple just went down again, two days after I moved my blog back to a server in my house. Thankfully, my Linux box is chugging along nicely, and I didn’t experience an outage. Rebecca was Twittering how lame it was that web hosting companies struggle to keep a simple blog up, and I totally understand her frustration. It’s one thing to pay $6 a month for hosting and have the odd outage, but it’s another when you’re paying $20 a month and expecting three to five nines worth of service. Media Temple has been fairly horrible lately, and despite my service tickets indicating how bad service is, haven’t done anything to compensate me or let me know what’s going on. Saying “engineers are looking into it” on their public status blog for […]