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Bad Bathroom Smells


So before going to bed last night I walked into my second bathroom as was greeted with a not-so-nice smell. I thought maybe I had forgot to flush the toilet or something stupid like that, but everything was totally clean. I turned the fan on for a while, thinking it would go away, but it didn’t really seem to. This morning the smell was still there, and I debated calling my building manager to see if they could take a look (or a smell). Before doing that though, I Googled around a bit to see if I could figure it out. One thing I found out is that there’s U-shaped pipe under each drain that’s called the trap. One of its purposes it actually to keep nasty gases from coming back up the pipe and entering your bathroom. Unfortunately though, it can only do that when there’s water in it, […]

Just hope this doesn't happen to you someday


I came across this as part of my morning read. Sort of gross, but I actually know of similar things happening to people. My cousin works at Holt Renfrew in Pacific Center, and she said one time someone went to try on some clothes, and came out of the change room practically running to the door. When they went into the back, they found she had used the entire change room as a big bathroom (I guess she really had to go). Check out the article of the poor lady who was refused access to the store’s bathroom