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A Quick Visit To Amsterdam


One of my favourite aspects of travelling is the process of arriving in a new destination. It doesn’t really matter how much research you do online before getting there, the actual experience of seeing it for yourself for the first time is always unique and usually unexpected. Almost always a place is better in person that you imagine in your head after doing research, but sometimes it takes a little time to overcome your first impressions after arriving. For example, both me and a friend of mine thought Buenos Aires was fairly dirty when we first arrived. But it’s the type of city that grows on you over a few weeks while you discover all the little aspects of the city that make it appealing. Often though I usually think a city is much better in person when compared to everything I’ve read about it prior to arriving. That’s one […]

Rebecca Visits Ghana


Traveling the world for leisure is obviously a great adventure. While I get to enjoy the weekends and the evenings, I’m also working as I travel, so most of my days are spent building plugins for WordPress and helping keep things afloat. But I do get to venture out from time to time free of computers and cell phones and enjoy some of what the world has to offer, for example, this weekend’s trip to the famous Iguazu Falls. But other types of travel are for more nobler causes. As an example, a good friend of mine from the Vancouver area, Rebecca Bollwitt, recently got asked to participate in a trip to Ghana, West Africa, to give some bicycles to school children there. This trip is part of Cadbury’s Bicycle Factory campaign, an effort to give the kids in Ghana bicycles that they can enjoy. From the Bicycle Factory website: […]