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My Return To Malta


Earlier this year, I got a Facebook invite for a surprise birthday party in Malta. I’m sure when it was sent out nobody thought anyone from Canada would show up, since it’s a really long way to go for a birthday. But as soon as I received the invite, I decided it would be really fun to show up, and also a chance to see a little more of Europe. I left at the end of May and stopped briefly in London for a few days. I met up with my friend Barry, someone I recently met in Argentina back […]

Happy Birthday Stella!


As many people know, I spent the last four months bouncing between South America and Europe. It was a fun time, and I met a pile of great people over the course of my trip. One such person is Stella Maris, who lives just outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was at a random pub in Buenos Aires called “Sugar” when I ran into Stella and her cousin. I was a few sheets to the wind, so I honestly don’t remember too much that night, other than meeting up with them. But thankfully I’ve kept in touch with Stella over […]

Today In History


Well, today there are at least two important events that happened in the past. First, on January 15th, 1977, my friend Brennen was born. Since that time he has pretty much been a major pain in my ass, causing me to lift boxes for weekends at a time, to fix countless porn-infested computers, and to drive out to the edge of the world (White Rock) on weekends. That said, he’s a great friend, and I hope he has an awesome birthday today. Also, at this exact time last year I was packing up the last few things in my desk […]

Happy Birthday Jessica


Years ago I was in the lab at UBC when I got a call telling me that my sister was in labour. A few hours later I was back in Chilliwack, and Jessica, my niece, was welcomed into this world. Over the course of her life, I unfortunately haven’t been around as much as I would have liked. But thankfully now I’m in Chilliwack and I can spend more time with her. One time I was back in Chilliwack visiting and decided I wanted to get a Whopper from Burger King. Jessica asked if she could come with me, so […]

Another Year Gone By


The photo above is from my 19th birthday. I don’t even really remember the circumstances that led me back to Chilliwack that weekend, but I actually do remember blowing those candles out, and being at the same condo where I graduated from high school. In that same condo I showered after a lot of rugby games, I did a lot of physics lab write-ups, and I even wrote my first song on my Fender strat after some girl stood me up. Sadly enough, I spent most of that night sitting in the dark on the couch in my mom’s living […]

Happy Birthday Rebecca Bollwitt


Tomorrow (depending on when you read this), is Rebecca Bollwitt’s birthday (or Friday, if you’re looking for an absolute time). I first met Rebecca at Northern Voice 2007 I believe, and had just come out of my first round of surgery (thanks to those four idiots who put me in the hospital). It was a time when I desperately needed the support of others the most, and a role her and John took up instantly in my life. Since that time, Rebecca and John have become really close friends of mine here in Vancouver, and I can’t imagine my life […]

Happy Birthday Keira-Anne and Arieanna


I meant to post this earlier, but I’ve just been slammed these last few days. Today is a special day, as it’s the birthday of two of my good friends. The first is Arieanna, who I’ve been lucky enough to get to know a lot better over the course of this last year. The first time I really hung out with her was at the 2008 Canadian Juno Awards in Calgary, where her and I crashed a VIP party and proceeded to drink our weight in beer. Good times. The second birthday is of course Keira-anne‘s. One of the first […]

Happy Birthday Tony Pierce


Unfortunately, there are very few people in this world nowadays who aren’t full of shit. I have been around many blocks, and met many people, and I always end up (thankfully) back home with the same people I left with. That said, you do meet the odd person once and a while who is as good as his or her word. Today (depending on when you read this) is Tony Pierce’s birthday. I originally met Tony down at Matt’s Las Vegas birthday party. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time talking to him down there, but slowly, since […]

September Birthday Round-Up


There were a few birthdays last month that I sort of missed in terms of blog entries. I do my best to get them all, but sometimes my schedule gets the best of me. The first birthday was my step-mom, Cathy’s. Cathy’s been an important person in my life ever since I was a little kid, and she’s still there to help out today. And the other birthday was John Bollwitt, who recently celebrated the big three-oh. Happy (belated) birthday guys.