Entry #40 – Almost There

I actually remember last year about this time, when I hit the 40 mark. It’s a good feeling, mainly because everyone can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But we still have a bit more time here, so I’ll keep pumping out blog entries! Donations are still open, so if you’re still up and feel like contributing to the BC Children’s Hospital, then please do so — your donation will be appreciated, and will go directly to helping out the children there. There was a pretty wild sunset in Vancouver tonight, and I managed to grab a photo of it. So I’ll end this blog entry with a photo of the sun setting over Vancouver harbor tonight:

Entry #39 – Tomorrow

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. We’re going to leave Workspace here sometime around 6am. With any luck, I’ll be fast asleep sometime around 6:15am. Tomorrow there’s a baby shower on the north shore that I’d really like to attend, so as of now I’m hoping to hit that. But in the odd event I feel like complete garbage tomorrow, I’ll just head back home. But, assuming I feel ok, I’ll be swinging by the North Shore for a while tomorrow. I have a bit of work I need to do when I get home tomorrow back home in Chilliwack, so I’d like to be home around supper time if possible. But, given how my sleep schedule is completely messed […]

On October 6th, Matthew Good’s next studio album, “Vancouver”, will hit stores nationwide. Matt’s last studio album, Hospital Music, opened at the number one spot on the Canadian charts, and also hit number six or number seven on the US alternative charts. I’ve been a huge fan of Matt’s work for years, ever since my friend Kirsten came by my dorm room in university and slipped Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts into my CD player. In fact, I’m fairly certain that Matthew Good is the only artist in my entire CD collection where I’ve gone to great lengths to own every single album, including some of the special editions discs. I’ve gotten to know Matt over the last few years, […]

Entry #37 – The Midnight Post

Well, assuming my fingers can press the right buttons at the appropriate times, this post will end up on sliding down the tubes sometime around midnight. It’s dark outside now. The reason it’s dark is because it’s midnight, and the sun is on the other side of the planet. Surprisingly, most people are still here from this morning. Everyone is obviously a bit tired, but most people are soldiering on. I’m hoping to go to a housewarming tomorrow for a while, which means I need to find a place to hole up and get a few hours of sleep after this. Despite being tired, I’m fairly certain I’ll be fine after four or five hours of sleep, so that’s what […]

Entry #36 – Mojave Band Video

Rebecca Bollwitt shot this video of Mojave Band. Enjoy.

Entry #35 – 14 To Go

I gotta admit, my brain is oatmeal right about now. I know it’s working because I can still type, but it’s not being very cooperative. My typing has been reduced from my usual 100 word per minute down to about 15, and every sentence is ripe with spelling errors. But no matter. The finish line is looming in the distance, and I’ve already (thanks to everyone here) reached the original goal of $1,000 I set before I started. So a big thanks is in order! I’m actually going on the radio Monday morning to report how well we all did for the BC Children’s Hospital, so it will be great to say we did over $1,000 (and even better if […]

Entry #34 – Oops, Out Of Entries

I thought I had a blog entry ready to go here, but apparently I didn’t. We just listed to Mojave Band play a few songs down here at Workspace, and it was really awesome. Given that I only had five hours of sleep last night, I should feel way worse than I already do. But strangely enough, I feel not bad. I went down to the Lamplighter and picked up a few beers with Paul, so I’ve been casually sipping a few while staring out onto the water. Anyways, I’m only $30 away from goal #2, so I’m hoping I hit that in the near future! Thanks everyone.

Entry #33 – Musical Interlude

Taking a break to listen to a bit of music:

Entry #32 – Human Being Journalism

I’m sitting here listening to Dave O talk about Vancouver’s “True North Media House” that will be forming for the Vancouver Olympics. To give you some context, Vancouver has demonstrated that it is at the forefront of social media. Many people here without true old-school media credentials have covered many events as members of the press. Rebecca has covered a lot of events simply as a representative of her website, Dave O has covered a few different Olympics, and I’ve covered a few music events, including the 2008 Canadian Juno awards. The Olympic committee basically turned down most of the social media in Vancouver for accreditation. Instead of simply whining about it, the social media committee, led in large part […]

Seems like the Blogathon gods are mad, and are punishing those people on Vancouver’s north shore who weren’t blogging today. From my vantage point, it’s pretty gloomy over there. We’ve been watching lightening strikes for a while hit the mountains over there. While John Biehler thinks he’s safe, I’m pretty sure he’s in for a world of hurt over there, but we’ll see. My mom called a while ago and said that it was pretty stormy out in Chilliwack. Given that I didn’t water my plants before I left, I’m actually kind of thankful to hear that. Hopefully when I get back tomorrow they’re all still alive and still producing fruit.