Lynn's Blog

Turns out that my friend Lynn down in Seattle has had a blog for years and years, but for some reason I never knew about it until recently. It’s actually a really good read, with quite a few personal entries as well. So if you’re looking for some new reading material, definitely head on over and check it out. She’ll probably kill me for posting this, but I like living dangerously, so. Lynn was nice enough to send me some fruit flowers for my birthday years ago, and even though I’m not in Seattle very often we’ve kept in touch online (which is challenging, considering she doesn’t use Facebook or MySpace). The last time I hung out with Lynn we […]

A while ago I started messing around with trying to get a single WordPress installation to host multiple blogs. If you read that and think WordPress MU, you’re not far off. What I don’t like about WordPress MU though is that the system administrator chooses the themes and the plugins that are available to the end user — ideally, I would want each user to control that themselves, such that it basically has the same functionality as a normal WordPress installation. There are a lot of other reasons why you might want a single WordPress install for multiple blogs. First, if you make backups of each blog’s data from time to time, you might end up with a complete WordPress […]

I've Got The RSS Feed Blues

I woke up this morning and had a few people email me saying that there were a bunch of duplicate entries in my RSS feed. I really have no idea why, but since I installed WordPress 2.7 RC1 last night, I suspect that it’s related to that. I might spend a bit of time trying to figure out why. More likely is that I do nothing though and simply let it work itself out naturally. I’ll scan the WordPress forums in a few minutes and see if anyone else is having this issue, otherwise I’ll spend a bit of time debugging. Thanks to everyone who emailed me to let me know that my website sucked. Much appreciated.

Well, I would hope that Rebecca would need no introduction in this city. But that being said, Rebecca has gone out of her way time and time again to throw link love towards other bloggers, and share whatever knowledge she can with others. So, the least I can do for a good friend is return the favour. Over the last few years Rebecca has firmly established her blog as the most informative and relevant source of information on Vancouver life, bar none. Her blog is a enjoyable mix of personal reflections within the city, upcoming Vancouver events, and local media and band coverage. The information on her website is so widely viewed and cherished that it is, in fact, often […]

As you well know by now, I am supporting the Union Gospel Mission for Blogathon. The Union Gospel Mission provides assistance to the homeless people in Vancouver, and those who are in the most need. At last count, this blog has raised at least $320 or so towards the charity, and I’m hoping to bring it closer to $1000 as the event continues. As I mentioned in my last two posts, anyone that donates at least $50 to the United Gospel Mission will receive a free 8×12 print from my HDR gallery. It can be a permanent reminder for you of the contribution you made to help some of the less fortunate in Vancouver. For those of you that are […]

The Death Of The Newspaper

No real surprise here, but this article talks about the seemingly inevitable death of the newspaper. I don’t think I’ve picked one up in ages, and for the most part get most of my news from various news agencies on the web and from RSS feeds for peers. Some people argue that user-generated content is bound to be less reliable, but as most of you know, many of the huge news organizations are incredibly biased. Which is better, I’m not sure, but I’d rather trust my peers than some dolled up girl on TV reading off a teleprompter.

Dropping Technorati Rankings

This has been a bit of a mystery for me over the last few months. I’ve slowly watched my technorati rating go from about 180 down to where it currently is, sitting snugly at 156 (although it was 159 yesterday). Considering it’s been climbing non-stop since last year, I’ve been a bit confused as to why it’s started to drop. After doing some research, it appears that technorati has been busy changing things on their backend. Recently, they made it so subdomains no longer count towards main domain scores. This has hurt the rating of quite a few large blogs. Prior to that change, technorati made it so that the authority rating is measured on a six month sliding scale. […]

What Are You Up To Facebook?

This is a rather interesting move made by Facebook. Apparently on Friday they announced a new javascript library that would let you put Facebook applications on your own web page. Facebook announced Friday a new JavaScript client library that will allow Facebook apps to be displayed on any website. The client library allows users to make Facebook API calls from any web site and create Ajax Facebook applications on that website. Wei Zhu from Facebook explains the benefits: Since the library does not require any server-side code on your server, you can now create a Facebook application that can be hosted on any web site that serves static HTML. An application that uses this client library should be registered as […]

As you can plainly see, I spent some time updating my blog theme the other day. One of the main problems whenever anyone does any web development is still unfortunately in the area of supporting multiple browsers. Usually a design that at first looks good in your development browser might look a bit weird in IE or another one. It takes a lot of effort sometimes to make a site work in multiple browsers, something that should not be lost on those who visit sites frequently. For the most part, I’m lazy in this area. I generally target Sarfari and Firefox, and just sort of pray that it works in IE7 and above. For the most part that’s worked our […]

Duane The Minx

So everyone else is blogging this, so fuck it, I might as well too. My friend Raymi in Toronto has a very unique, and often copied, blog. So tonight, after getting a bit tipsy, I attempted to recreate some of her brilliance myself. The end result is a funny parody, complete with drunk dancing by myself. You can check it out at Thanks to Keira for helping me put the header together. Clearly I need massive help.