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1302 – Blonde Ale All-Grain Recipe


I friend of mine recently asked if I was putting all my beer recipes online, and I unfortunately was forced to answer no. When I started brewing I tried to put them all online, but the write-ups just took too long. So I’ve decided to start posting them again, but in a very limited format. That way it doesn’t take me long to post them, and hopefully I can solicit input from others. Beer Information My goal for this beer was to make something easily drinkable for some of my family that generally prefers lagers, and tend not to like really bitter ales. I find most blonde ales a bit boring, so I mashed it at 152F to add a bit of body to it, and also used some left-over hops (in small quantities) from a recent IPA I had. I’m hoping these end-up having a subtle presence (due to […]