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My Travel eBook Is Now Available


I’ve been working on a travel eBook for a few months now, mostly on airplanes and during the odd evening. It’s been slow going since I have a lot of other things going on right now, but I’ve managed to make a bit of progress each week. I’m pleased to announce that last night I managed to put the finishing touches on it, and it’s now officially available. My travel ebook contains two main topics: how you can make and execute plans for long-term travel (anything more than a week or two), and how you can redesign your life to make traveling easier. There are lots of great resources include, such as the top travel services I use on the internet, where the best places to find cheap travel insurance are, and some of the best motivation and business books I’ve read during my travels. The book is now available […]

How To Stay Safe While Traveling


The following is an excerpt from my FREE Travel Book. If you’re like to learn more travel tips like these, sign-up to receive my travel book as soon as it is released. Every time I tell my mom about some of the places I’ve recently visited, she seems to reach as though I just barely escaped being killed or taking hostage due to all negative media that certain parts of the world get on the local news. The truth is though that in much of the world it’s just as safe as it is in your part of the world. But crime does happen from time to time, and many criminals purposefully target tourists. In almost all cases the type of crime is simply petty theft – stealing a camera that was left on a table while someone went to the bathroom, or lifting a wallet out of someone’s back […]

Any Book Recommendations?


I plowed through three books while I was down in Cancun, and unfortunately, don’t really have any reading material around. Can anyone recommend anything that they’ve read recently that they thought was excellent? I mostly read non-fiction these days.