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Today In History


Well, today there are at least two important events that happened in the past. First, on January 15th, 1977, my friend Brennen was born. Since that time he has pretty much been a major pain in my ass, causing me to lift boxes for weekends at a time, to fix countless porn-infested computers, and to drive out to the edge of the world (White Rock) on weekends. That said, he’s a great friend, and I hope he has an awesome birthday today. Also, at this exact time last year I was packing up the last few things in my desk in Vancouver and leaving my job there for the last time. Hard to believe I’ve been gone for a year already, but that’s how the math works out.

Movie Marathon


7:36pm – So John and Brennen just arrived for the Friday night nerd-a-thon. We’re debating what movies to watch right now while waiting for pizza to arrive. We have a big list of geeky movies here, some of which are on HD-DVD. Right now the short runners are: The Matrix in HD Dark City Gladiator Desperado Heat Ocean’s Thirteen in HD So we’ll see how it goes. Jeff will probably show up in a bit, and I’m not sure who else. I’m guessing The Matrix will be first just to kick everything off with a bag of kick-ass. My copy of Dark City has seen better days, so I’m trying to rip it to my laptop and reburn it before putting into my HD-DVD player, since it’s rather flaky and doesn’t like scratched discs. Photo of downtown from my place. Taken by John Biehler. 9:11pm Dustin just showed up and […]

Dark City


One of my favourite movies of all time is a science fiction flick called “Dark City.” Brennen and Jeff took me to it at the UBC theatre years ago, and we were all blown away. Surprisingly, not many people have watched it or even heard of it. When it came out, Roger Ebert took notice and gave it four stars, even going on to compare it to Pulp Fiction in terms of its cinematic perfection. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly suggest that you check it out. The row boat scene near the end is one of my favourite all time scenes in any movie I’ve watched (along the lines of the DeNiro – Pacino coffee-shop banter in “Heat”). Here’s a decent write up about it as well.

Baby on Board


So yesterday, I met up with Jessica, Brennen, Kaedy, Michele, Jeff, Maya, Margo and Robbie, and the troop of dogs down in Steveston. In the old days, we started this day called “Friends Day”, where we would schedule in a day to hang out with our old high school friends. It sounds a bit lame, but with everyone’s time constraints, we found if we didn’t set aside time to hang out, it never happened. So, even though yesterday wasn’t actually a friend’s day, we still managed to all meet out in Steveston for a few hours of hanging out. Brennen and Jessica recently had baby Kaedy, and Jeff and Michele recently had Maya. Margo and I were commenting that we really need a place where we can rent babies and dogs for an hour or two for events just like this, because we are starting to feel a bit left […]

The Vancouver Car Show

I went to the Compact Sports Car show at BC Place stadium today with Brennen and Dave. I had never been to a car show before, if you can really call it that. The focus seems to be more on the car-models than the cars themselves. It was a pretty good time though, and I got lots of cool shots with Dave and Brennen.