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Electric Brewery Control Panel Update


I posted around Christmas about a project I was starting to build an electric brewery. I realized recently that I hadn’t given an update with it basically since then, and thought it was time to share the progress. Most of the parts were waiting for me back in Canada when I arrived back from Australia, so I laid them all out on my temporary butcher block work station for assembly. That butcher block is actually a 7′ countertop from Home Depot that I got on sale – eventually it will form the base for the brewery itself. Before working on the brew kettles, I decided I would attempt to build most of the control panel. Once my 1/2″ knockout punch arrived, I decided I would knock-out the holes for all the buttons on the front of the control panel. As you can see in the photo, I wrapped some 8.5″ […]

Molson Brew 2.0 Event In Vancouver


On Tuesday night I had the privilege of attending a private party at the Molson brewery put on by Molson. Molson decided to have a little get together with some of the local social media individuals and bloggers, and while pounding back a few beers. The event was called Brew 2.0, and it took place down on Burrard Street at the big brewery. I’ve actually never been inside a brewery before, and it was a really cool experience. It’s amazing how many beers Canadians are consuming every minute, something you get a sense of as the machines pump out cans of Rickard’s Red and Molson Canadian. I met a lot of great people during the event, including Geoff Molson (the great-great-great-great grandson of the inventor of Molson Canadian) and Gord Rickards, the talent behind Rickard’s Red. I also got to finally meet Meghan, Andy and Tonia, who, coincidentally, all look […]