Broken Laptop

I pulled my laptop out of my case tonight and fired it up. I was immediately greeted with this: $1000 worth of fail As you can see, my LCD has a wicked crack in it. I did a quick scan in the forums, and replacing an LCD via the Apple store runs about $1000, which is rather insane. Thankfully I found a few companies on eBay that are selling the raw LCD screens for around $200, so I put in an order for a replacement. Hopefully I’ll be able to install it myself when it comes in the mail. So as of right now, I’m without a laptop. Thankfully I have an iMac at home as well, so I’m not […]

Feedburner Messing Up

I accidentally stumbled onto my own feed in Google reader today and noticed some photos I actually didn’t take. For whatever reasons, it seems like feed burner is not filtering the content based on my user account at Flickr, but instead is including public photos tagged “feedburner”, something it never used to do. I checked my settings, and it’s definitely setup to only include photos from my stream, so the problem seems to be on their end. I tried finding a contact email on their site, but all they do is push you to the support forums (I hate this practice by companies nowadays — support your product people). So I might have to disable this feature for now. I’ll […]

Score A Big Zero For Canadian Medical

Here comes another rant: As most of you know, back in November I was in the hospital with pneumonia. While there, I picked up a hospital acquired infection known as c. diff. It’s unfortunately rather common these days mainly due to the lack of cleanliness in hospitals (and also due to the abuse of broad-spectrum anti-biotics in hospitals). But without a doubt, it’s a serious infection, and is responsible for many deaths. The superbug the media focuses on is MRSA, but in terms of fatalities, c. diff kills about twice as many people. Just last month it claimed the life of a mother who went to the UBC hospital to deliver twins. I spent a few months battling it with […]

Laptop Update

I know everyone is absolutely dying to know the current state of my laptop, so here’s an update. I called down this afternoon and they said the LCD is toast on it which is why I’ve probably been having a pile of problems with sleep and things of that nature. A new one has been ordered and hopefully I can pick it up in a few days. It will be weird having a laptop again as I’ve gotten fairly used to using my desktop machine at home now. Also, I’m going to do a blog entry tonight on the end of Heroes season two. Should be awesomely nerdy.

Stupid Door

Last night I decided to go down to the little store downstairs and get myself something to drink. As I was leaving my apartment, I realized that for some weird reason I couldn’t lock my door from the outside. Locking it from the inside is difficult, but not impossible. But I can’t for the life of me manage to lock it from the outside. So basically, I’m stuck at home until I can figure out a way to get it fixed. The obvious answer is to call a locksmith and get him/her to come fix it. But it’s Sunday, which probably means it’s going to be a major pain in the ass to sort out. I’ve been trying to get […]