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Pull Out The Pin, The Bubble’s About To Pop


Despite having a relatively positive outlook about the economy previously, the Fed today just downgraded all its forecasts and even mentioned the taboo “D” word, deflation. I thought it would be fun to post a few of the more educated comments from CNN here. Keynesian versus Austrian economic theory. Keynes 0, Austrians 1. Now pull up a lawn chair, pop a cold one, and kick back to the soothing hissing sound of every asset class deflating… ~ Jim Koutras I got my beer chilling in the fridge. You do realize that the only reason we’re in this mess is because […]

New Year's Video


I actually shot about an hour’s worth of video on New Year’s eve, but thanks to my crummy internet connection at home, haven’t been able to upload any. Today I was down at Starbucks, so I decided to upload a video of Mike Smith (who plays Bubbles on the TV show ‘Trailer Park Boys’) playing “Born Losers” with Matthew Good and the band. I actually was a big fan of Mike Smith’s previous band, Sandbox, back in the day. I’ll be posting a few more to Matt’s Facebook Fan Page, so follow along there if you want to see the […]

Another Year Falls


I haven’t had time to write a New Year’s post yet, but I thought I would now. Truthfully, in terms of personal life events, this year was thankfully fairly normal, especially when placed in the context of the last few years. Back in January I left my Vancouver job to work with BraveNewCode full time with Dale, and that’s been a great experience so far. But other than that, my life has thankfully become a bit more normal, lacking hospital visits or any surgeries. Last night I rang in the New Year with a few friends in Charlotte, North Carolina. […]