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Setting A Budget While You Travel


There are a few privileged travelers that you encounter from time to time who don’t really seem to have any sort of budget. Often they have saved for several years and intend to continue traveling until it simply runs out. But for the rest of us, traveling for more than a week or two often means that we have to stick to a pre-defined budget for a particular trip. I know personally that spending money is the one main aspect of traveling that causes me stress, more so than worrying about theft or how to get to and from places. That’s why I try to set aside a certain amount of money beforehand for each trip, to minimize the anxiety and stress on a day-to-day basis when constantly bombarded with things that cost money. Without a budget you’re likely to spend a crazy amount of money, often for things that […]

Budgeting For A Big Adventure


For whatever reason, people keep acting like the only way to do what I’m doing is to be filthy rich. That is the myth I mentioned in my other post about world travel only being attainable for millionaires. Tim Ferris has a great example in his book about some actor saying if he won a million dollars he would take a few months off and motorcycle around Thailand – Tim’s point is that you can do that for probably a few thousand dollars, so no need to gamble that experience on the lottery, just save for six months and then go experience it. I was just down at Starbucks in Palmero Soho, Buenos Aires, testing out the WiFi. There was a group of four middle-aged individuals from New York sitting on a couch next to me talking in english. So, I said hey (english people here tend to gravitate towards […]