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Busy Busy Little Bee


I was looking at my schedule tonight, trying to figure out where I have to be and when. Here’s what it’s currently looking like: Sep 3 – 7, Camping at the Lake Sep 10 – 13, Canadian Country Music Awards, Vancouver Sep 18 – 20, Speaking at WordCamp Portland Sep 24 – 28, Friends from Ontario in town So basically every single weekend in September is already jam packed. I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m flying to Portland or driving. Considering I just drove to Portland a while ago, I’m leaning more towards flying. If I do that, I’ll probably fly out of Bellingham, since it’s a pretty close jaunt for me. If I drive maybe I’ll bring my tent and crash near Mount St. Helens (something I tell myself every single time I’m going to do, but so far, haven’t). I also have to somehow get my […]

Time To Get Crazy


I just did a quick check of my Google calendar for the week, and it’s look pretty jam packed for the next few weeks. Things start off with a bang tomorrow — I have to go to St. Paul’s Hospital for some intestinal tests in the morning, and head down to Vancouver General Hospital tomorrow evening for an MRI (two hospitals in one day people, good times). Just did some reading on an MRI, and it’s not a very dangerous procedure, unless you have certain types of implants in your eye socket. I’m fairly certain mine is ok, otherwise we wouldn’t be going ahead with this, but I’ve seen one too many TV shows, so I’m a bit nervous now. On another note — I picked up the movie “Across The Universe” the other day based on a recommendation from Dan Lilly. It’s the most unique movie I’ve seen in […]

Busy Busy Busy


Sorry I haven’t written anything for a few days, I’ve just been swamped trying to get my act together for December. First order of business is crazy Chad’s Christmas party tonight out near Metrotown. Next week is my Christmas party at work, which is out on the water at Bridges, so that should be a good time. A Cleaner Version Of Me I’m now seven days without any type of booze at all, and so far I haven’t really noticed that much. In fact, my bank account is in pretty decent shape thanks to not going out for dinners and drinks after work at all this week, which is rather nice. Thanks to the meds I’m on, I’ve started to get some headaches. So far I’ve been able to counter them with a nice dose of advil, but I sure hope they don’t get any worse. My ex-girlfriend called me […]