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6am And All Is Well

Written on April 4th, 2008

It’s 6am, and I’m currently sitting on a chair at the Vancouver International Airport waiting to get on my flight to Calgary. I was really looking forward to having a nice hot eggs benedict at the airport, but the airport decided to close Milestone’s for me, so I’m SOL I guess. My only options right now are unripe raw bananas or my favourite liquid diet, diet pepsi. If I would have had eggs benedict though, they might have looked like this: Photo by lehedonist on Flickr I didn’t get to sleep until well after 2am, so 5am came really early […]

Heading East To The Junos

Written on April 3rd, 2008

Well, in exactly 12 hours I’ll be getting on a plane and heading to Calgary for the 2008 Canadian Juno Awards. I haven’t really had time to get excited or to even think about what I’m going to do for three days in Calgary. I picked up a few new clothes today, including that fun black shirt I’m wearing in the photo. All my camera equipment is charging in the other room, and I’m slowly adding stuff to a suitcase (and having a hard time deciding how big of a suitcase to bring). I’m heading over to Miss604’s house in […]

Packing Time

Written on April 3rd, 2008

At this time tomorrow, I’ll be bouncing around Calgary trying to get my media pass before the press conference at noon. Which means I get to spend most of tonight getting my camera gear ready and packing some clothes. Photo from Russell Peter’s Website My flight is at 7am in the morning, and I hope to have a few minutes in the airport relaxing with a coffee and an eggs benedict. I’m pretty excited about going to the Junos, and really have no idea what to expect. Russell Peters will be at the press conference tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get […]

Juno Awards Coverage

Written on March 30th, 2008

On Friday morning I’ll be flying out to the Juno awards in Calgary. There’s a press conference at noon sharp where the media will get to view the entire setup as well as talk to Russell Peters, the host of the Juno Awards. I was originally going to fly out around noon, but I just got the email about the press conference so I might take the full day off and fly out at 7am, assuming I can change my flight. I’m still waiting on a few image assets from the Juno organization, but I’ve started putting together a page […]

Preparing For The 2008 Juno Awards

Written on March 26th, 2008

It’s getting close. In just nine days, I’ll be getting on a plane and heading out to Calgary to attend the 2008 Juno awards. I haven’t really had time to let the whole event soak in yet, and to be honest, probably won’t figure out where I’ll be all weekend until I land in Calgary. What I really want to do is provide an insider’s view of what it’s like being at the Junos during the entire weekend. I’m not sure what that means yet, but it will most likely involve tons of photos and the odd video. To that […]

Summer Time Camping

Written on March 24th, 2008

The one promise I made myself last year was that I was going to spend more time this summer doing the things I like. Number one on the list is of course my favourite past time, camping. For the first time in most of my working life, I now get *three* weeks of vacation a year, as opposed to two (I should also point out many places outside of North America get four to six weeks of vacation a year), so I’m looking forward to spending more time in the wilderness this year. I sent out a few emails to […]

All Booked Up

Written on March 13th, 2008

Yesterday afternoon I placed a few calls and booked myself into the Calgary hotel where all the media are staying for the Junos. It’s right downtown and should be close to all the major events. I actually have a few friends from high school out that way, so I’m looking forward to seeing some of them again on their own turf. I went to Flickr late last night and did a search for Juno photographs. Surprisingly, I couldn’t really find any. I spent some time thinking about what that means and either a) bloggers and new-media type people typically don’t […]