I’m With Stupid

So, I made a mistake. I can’t really understand how I possibly made it, but it seems clear it was definitely my mistake. When filling out my passport application about a month ago, I accidentally put my mailing address as my old address in Vancouver. Perhaps I thought it read “Previous Address” or something like that, but after looking through what I sent them, I definitely put my Vancouver address into the “Mailing Address” portion of my passport. Which would explain how it was mailed on the 8th of October and also why I still don’t have it. I thought I could simply drive into Vancouver and pick it up from the post office, but Canada Post assured me that […]

Stupid Canada Post

Mailed another package. It was supposed to be there in two days. Of course, it’s the end of day two and it’s not there. Surprise, surprise. Stupid thing isn’t even supposed to be in Missassauga, it should be in Toronto. I hate you Canada Post. Hate you bad. Next time I’m using FedEx or UPS.

Canada Post's "Real-Time" Tracking

I currently have a package en-route to Toronto, and have been trying to locate where it is. I sent it priority courier with Canada Post, since that was the simplest option. Surprisingly, their “real-time” tracking number isn’t real-time at all, and basically has a 24 hour lag to it. So in the case of an over-night delivery (which I paid extra for), nobody will be able to locate the package until a day after it should have been delivered. I just got off the phone from a lady at Canada Post, and her questions were the real-world equilalent of “is your computer on?” type tech questions. She asked if the recipient had a door that the package could be dropped […]

Thanks Canada Post

Some guy on eBay bought that broken lens off me a few weeks ago. They paid promptly and everything seemed fine, so I boxed up the lens in the original box and shipped it to California. I got an email today saying that they guy went and picked it up from the post office, only to find the box empty. So, somewhere along the way, somebody decided to help themselves. Of course, since the lens was broken, I didn’t add any extra insurance to it. That being said, I think there’s at least $100 included by default. But now I have the hassle of trying to sort all this out and will probably have to refund at least part of […]

Fuck you Canada Post

A few months ago I was down in Seattle visiting my friend Lynn. I happened to leave my engineering ring down there, and so last week Lynn offered to mail it to me, which obviously seemed like a good idea at the time. To get started, I want to point out that my engineering ring is worth, oh, about $15. It’s just a shoddy piece of aluminum cut from something that closely resembles a hollow pipe. However, it is what all engineers in Canada wear, so it’s actually kind of important to me. So today, I look in my mailbox and see that it has arrived at a location on Davie street, and that I can pick it up. But […]