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Score A Big Zero For Canadian Medical


Here comes another rant: As most of you know, back in November I was in the hospital with pneumonia. While there, I picked up a hospital acquired infection known as c. diff. It’s unfortunately rather common these days mainly due to the lack of cleanliness in hospitals (and also due to the abuse of broad-spectrum anti-biotics in hospitals). But without a doubt, it’s a serious infection, and is responsible for many deaths. The superbug the media focuses on is MRSA, but in terms of fatalities, c. diff kills about twice as many people. Just last month it claimed the life […]

Round and round she goes…


When I left for Chilliwack on the weekend, I accidentally left my phone sitting on my bed back in Vancouver. Considering I was only going for a day, I didn’t real think that much of it, and checked my messages from Chilliwack on Saturday night. When I got back to Vancouver yesterday evening, my phone was dead, so I simply plugged it into the wall and went to sleep. Unfortunately, upon checking my messages today, I realized that I had missed a call yesterday from my plastic surgeon saying that they couldn’t perform surgery on Thursday, and that they wanted […]