Day 11 – On The Home Stretch

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been down in the Caribbean for 11 days now, but that’s how the math works out. I woke up this morning and spent a few moments trying to figure out what day of the week it was, since it’s pretty easy to lose track. Sara made it home ok, and Dale and I have been working on some BraveNewCode stuff since she left. Yesterday we spent most of the day in the room, Dale designing away and me coding away. We’re keeping the lid on most of the things we’re working on, but lots of cool things should be coming down the pipe. The wireless here has proven to be a pretty large disaster. […]

Heading To The Caribbean

In a little over 24 hours, I’ll be heading into Vancouver with my friend Tony, ultimately ending up at Vancouver International for a flight to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. This will not only be the first vacation that’s ever been longer than one week, but it’ll also be the first time really since March where I’ll have had a full week to basically kick my feet up and relax. While the last few weeks have been a bit light in terms of work, Dale and I have been going pretty much non-stop all of this last year, even working part of Christmas at the start of the year. That’s why this year we’re purposefully keeping December fairly light, […]

Vacation Entry 11 – Caribbean Sunset

Hurricane Dean

This bad boy is going through the Caribbean right now. I sure hope it’s gone by the time I get there. My trip to Cuba in 2001 had to be postponed due to Hurricane Michelle, and I made it as far as Toronto before they sent us home. Back then they gave us a full refund, but usually when this happens you lose your money entirely.

Vacation To Puerto Plata

Blue Bay Getaway

What do the following things have in common? The Caribbean All You Can Drink A Topless Beach Adults Only Three Pools Six Bars Sandy Beach Dominican Republic All Night Dancing The “Boob” Cam If you guessed me, then you’re right. In about 13 days, I’ll be hitting the beach of the Dominican Republic, enjoying the sun, warmth and liquor of an adults only, all inclusive resort in the middle of the Caribbean. If there’s enough interest, I’ll set up a daily iChat from the pool bar for those people who want to see how much fun I’m having. I’ll ask around and see if there are any volunteers for the “boob-cam” and put up an RSS feed for that. I […]