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An Update From The Road


I’m current hanging out at the KOA in Cascade Locks, Oregon. It’s fairly dead here tonight, mainly because most people left today to go back to their 9-5 routines. Thankfully the wireless works a lot better now that not everyone is using it. My friend Sean swung by tonight, so we had a few beers around the picnic table. It was good to catch up. Last time I saw him was probably about six or seven months ago down in Portland when I had a job interview. I briefly went into Portland this afternoon to do a bit of work […]

Camping In Oregon


This morning I woke up and decided to make some plans. Strangely enough, that line from Shawshank Redemption kept going through my head — “get busy living, or get busy dying. You god damn right.” Anyways, it also didn’t help matters that Dave and Lauren took off the other day, as well as Tanya and Gus. Even Dale left yesterday to go do some relaxing at a cottage. So Instead of just heading south without a plan (something I’ve done many times before and been burned for), I decided to call a few campgrounds first. Thankfully the little KOA right […]