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Happy Mother's Day


Well, most people go through this world with only one mom, but i’ve been fortunate enough to have two in my life. My mom, at Cultus Lake last summer My step-mom, Cathy, also at Cultus Lake last summer Once I get cleaned up here I’ll be placing a few phone calls. But until then, Happy Mother’s Day, moms.

Cathy's Broken Toe


My step mom was apparently trying to hang a picture or something this morning and accidentally banged her toe. The end result is clearly displayed in this photo: Clearly her toe is broken. They spent a few hours in the hospital in Chilliwack today and finally put that sucker back in the correct spot. Unfortunately, she’ll be on crutches for a few weeks.

Camping in the United States

So, this weekend I decided to leave the city life behind and join my dad and Cathy for a few days in the wilderness down south.? The destination was a little place along the ocean called Fort Casey, near Deception Pass, Washington.? I had a great time, consuming an ample amount of alcoholic beverages, and sitting by the fire. Unfortunately, the one major downside to travelling to the United States is having to go through customs on both sides.? No matter how many times I cross, or how many stamps I have in my passport, I always get grilled pretty hard.? It’s gotten worse now that I have a decent car.? ? The way down wasn’t that bad, although the border guy asked me “do you have anything in the car?”, which I had no idea how to respond to.? “Uhh, yeah, I have stuff in the car.”? ? The […]