Inside The CBC

So it’s been fairly cool passively watching the WordPress blogs on the internet slowly convert to BraveNewCode’s WPtouch iPhone theme. Tod Maffin just sent me a link to the CBC’s Official Blog, which now sports a fancy new WPtouch theme. Check it out.

Miss604 Heading To Test The Nation

I was up late playing around with some stuff on the computer, and didn’t manage to actually lay down until around 2:30am. I figured since I was getting up at 6:30am to drive Rebecca to the airport that four hours should be enough time. Unfortunately I think forgot to factor in the amount of caffeine I had had over the course of the evening. So when my alarm started beeping at 6:30am, I realized I hadn’t really had any sleep yet. Upon arriving at the airport, Rebecca had a call from her people out in Toronto letting her know that her flight had been cancelled. So we went to Milestone’s restaurant to have something to eat, hoping eventually there would […]