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The Endless Spiral


Throughout my life, I have always had a hard time sleeping in the evenings. Although in the odd instance I can put my head on the pillow and wake up in the morning refreshed, most evenings I not only have trouble falling asleep, I have a hard time staying asleep. While I have gotten used to not sleeping very well (during the eight years I was in university staying up late and getting up early was a requirement), this week has been particularly difficult for some reason. On average I think I’ve had about three hours of sleep an evening, and I find myself running completely on fumes during the days. I’ve dropped my caffeine intake to try and counter it, but it’s not making much of a difference. Last night I took a mild sedative to try and help, but it was like throwing paper into the wind. Needless […]

Heath Ledger Found Dead


By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Heath Ledger, one of the stars of the movie Brokeback Mountain, was found dead in NYC. While nobody really knows for sure what happened, police have said he was on both antidepressants and ambien, which is a relatively new form of sleeping pill that a few of my friends have taken from time to time for insomnia. Ambien by itself has a relatively good safety record, but when taken in combination with any other agent that has the ability to suppress the central nervous system, it has been fatal before. Why I’m writing this entry is because the last few entries and news articles on it that I’ve read have been completely distasteful, showing tons of media in front of his place with little or no respect for his friends or family. I find it rather sickening to see there’s a whole industry […]

Bring It On Jack Bauer, Bring It On


Yes people, today is a great day in TV land. Jack Bauer, aka Kiefer Sutherland, was released from jail after serving 48 days for drunken driving. Now I gotta say — getting in a car while loaded is a dumb thing to do. I can openly admit I did it as a young adult once and a while, something as a grown adult I now look back on and realize how dumb it was. The trick is of course to plan ahead, otherwise you’ll find yourself stuck in the boonies with no way home. Now, I just refuse to get into situations like that, or at least have the means to pay for a long cab ride if I have to. I do understand sometimes as a kid you really feel like you have no other option, which is why it’s important to think about your way home before you […]

Jennifer Aniston in Vancouver


I’m pretty much the least star-struck person I know. I met the Barenaked Ladies a long time ago, ran into David Duchovny at UBC during the X-Files, and last year ended up sitting beside Aaron Eckhart at the Vancouver Airport bar for a while. So when I heard that Jennifer Aniston was filming a block from where I work, I didn’t really think anything of it. On my way home tonight as I was passing the Hyatt on Burrard Street I decided to stop for a sec and see if I could watch anything being filmed or check out the lighting and stuff. Right when I was about to keep moving I heard a voice nearby which sounded distinctively like Rachel from “Friends.” From here Sure enough, standing literally right beside me was Jennifer Aniston, who was basically just trying to keep herself warm between scenes. What sort of surprised […]

Around Vancouver


So, I had almost completely forgotten that the Trailer Park Boys were in town this week. My friend Kris met them while he was at SXSW a few weeks ago and had a few drinks with the guys. He had said they were coming to town shortly, but it had slipped my mind until the end of the day today. Since I figured that the Robson’s Chapters is on my way home, I swung by with my 70-200mm lens and decided to snap a few photos of the guys. I was hoping Kris or Robert would have been around so I could have gotten a quick intro (Mike Smith, or Bubbles, used to be part of a band I once listened to called Sandbox — something I would have loved to have told him). I believe the new season starts this week, so if you’re into the show, make sure […]

Tenacious D in Town


So, I haven’t really listened to too much of their music, but I’ve been told that it’s unusually cool. Last night I was doing some shopping down at Pacific Center, and while crossing from one side of the mall to the other, I nearly walked into Jack Black. At first I wasn’t really sure it was him, but after doing a double take, I was pretty certain. He had his baby in a stroller and was just walking around checking stuff out. I went home and Googled to see if that was him in town, and sure enough, he has a Vancouver concert tonight. So, if you’re a fan, you might want to check it out.