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Clearly Not Everyone Likes Rogers


Jay from Giant Ant Media just emailed me a few awesome YouTube videos they did with regards to Roger’s customer service. I thought I’d share them with everyone, because they’re a riot. Given the content of my last post, I think these are particularly relevant. Now, I’ve been a Bell Mobility customer for a long time, and I can honestly say that they’re not very good either. I suspect the grass is always greener, but I’m fairly certain most wireless users in Canada would agree that we need some new blood in the market to help keep the current breed of wireless providers honest and competitive.

QR Codes


I read an article this morning that made mention of QR codes, and to be honest, I had never heard of them before. After doing some research, it appears that QR codes are essentially two-dimensional bar-codes that are fairly popular in Japan. A user with a camera phone can simply point their phone at a QR code and, assuming it is QR code aware, will decode the symbol. QR codes can be used to encode URLs, phone numbers, text information, and SMS messages. So you can have an advertisement and simply put your URL as a QR code. A user passing by could simply hold their camera in front of the code, and it would grab the URL address, all without any typing. It’s interesting that QR codes actually have a primitive form of error correction in them, so small changes in the look will generally still be decoded properly. […]

Spammers, Give The *%(#& Up Already


Seriously. I look in my spam folder of my gmail account and on my blog every few days, and it’s absolutely ridiculous just how much garbage ends up in it. Between the two I see about 100 or more combined comments/emails per day. It’s just insane. No, I don’t need viagra, or 100 different types of drugs, or some girl in YOURCITY to come over, or to come to your shitty seminar. Please give up already. It’s not like any of these are intelligent either. I bet I could wire up a resistor, a few capacitors, a nine volt battery, and a piece of chicken that would catch 99% of them without any fancy algorithms. Do any of these honestly get through anymore? I guess on my old hotmail account I see the odd one make it through, but rarely does anything come close to getting through my blog or […]