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How To Get A SIM Card In Buenos Aires


I’ve been here three weeks now, and have most of the basics figured out. But definitely one of the hardest problems I’ve had to solve in Argentina so far was how to get a SIM card in Buenos Aires and ultimately top it up with funds. Why Movistar? There are two large GSM cell carriers in Buenos Aires: Claro and Movistar. Having investigated them both prior to moving to Buenos Aires, I came to the conclusion that Movistar offered the best deal for pay as you go plans. First, why Pay As You Go? Unfortunately unless you’re a local and have a DNI card (a local resident card) you can’t get a phone on any type of contract. That means the only option is a Pay As You Go plan, such as the Movistar Prepago one. The main benefit for the Movistar plan is that they offer a 3G data […]

Duane's iPhone Update


Well, to say that today was a complete clusterfuck would be a gross understatement. I arrived at the Rogers store around 9am, and spent the next five hours watching Roger’s employees desperately try and activate my iPhone for me. I actually ended up at a hold-in-the-wall Rogers store, which was great because there wasn’t a huge line-up. Ironically, I ended up right behind my plastic surgeon in line, which was actually pretty cool because I got to spend 90 minutes just chatting with him and getting to know him. They had 14 units at the store I went to, and only 4 at the Yaletown Rogers store. I heard that the fools at the Broadway store waited in a line 100 deep for hours on end and most of them didn’t even get iPhones. After spending most of the day there, I managed to walk out around 2pm with a […]