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Chad And Danielle's Christmas Party


Last night I made the long trek out of the downtown core and ended up near Metrotown, which surprisingly isn’t as far away as I imagined. Chad has a really nice pad out there, complete with an outdoor deck that would be just killer for summer parties and BBQing. Chad has a tradition at his party where everyone has to pick a decoration for the tree, and then proceed to make love to it somehow. Not sure how this came to be, but everyone eagerly began licking and kissing their decorations. After everyone had hit the beers in the fridge, Chad promptly dove straight into his massive scotch collection and started going crazy on that. After a few, he basically took position in his recliner like some dude out of masterpiece theatre and began to chuckle to himself occasionally. I was giving Raymi a play-by-play via SMS, and when I […]



I’m bagged, and I’m hitting the sack. For now, if you want to see the photos from Chad and Danielle’s Christmas party, you can click here. I’ll write more tomorrow after I sleep like a log.