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Debt Free


While I’m not officially debt free yet, I’m close enough that I’m going to do a post about it. Strangely enough, making those calls today to pay off my loans felt a bit anti-climactic. I’m sure it’ll sink in over the next few days, but right now it doesn’t really feel that much different. It’s amazing how debt changes your life though. Had I been debt free years ago, I probably would have quit my job in Vancouver and branched out on my own then. But unfortunately, when you have nearly $1,000 worth of monthly debt payments, you really can’t afford to take that much risk. The only way I was able to leave my full-time job early and branch out in January was because I essentially worked two jobs for the previous six months, banking nearly $10k in the process. That gave me enough runway to ramp things up […]

Rolled Coins. What Do I Do With Them?


I’m a change gatherer. I don’t really know how it happens, but I always end up at home each evening with tons of change in my pockets. I have two piggy banks on the go at any one time, and both of them fill up rather quickly. My niece and nephew love coming over because there are always coins lying around my apartment, and it’s a fun game to find them. Despite my best efforts, I usually end up with change on counters and less frequently in my bed. One time I was taking a shower in the morning and heard a few “clangs”, only to look down and see a few pennies fall off my body — apparently I had slept with them and they got stuck to my body during the night. I rule. Since I was running out of room to store my change, I decided I […]